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Predictions for Travelers Along the Road

April 13, 2011

It appears that the world-wide rise in the cost of food caused in great part by the severe weather effects of climate change is causing political upheaval in many countries has not significantly adversely affected the US since it is a net exporter of food.

It would be truly ironic that the US, the industrialized country that more that any other ushered in the climate crises that world currently faces,  by the sheer perverse genius flowing from its stupid  stumble into the demise of its own industrial prominence causing its descent into a resource exporting third world economy, will be the prime benefactor of the environmental havoc it strives so mightily to deny.

A prediction: By about 2014 to 17 expect a sudden increase in social turmoil in the industrial cities and many of their suburbs as the realization and impact of permanent loss of industrial job growth bites into US society.  We also can expect an increasing conflict between agribusiness and independent farm interests in the middle west (agribusiness wins).

As the central land area of the US and Canada warms, migration will increase from the East Coast and Deep South into the expanding and northward moving farm belt in the US and Canada . Canada will begin to experience a resistance to out of work immigrants from the US seeking employment in its suddenly flourishing agricultural/resource based economy. The increasing instability of the weather will continue to push up agricultural prices. The economies of rapidly industrializing states such as India and China will stall and social unrest will follow as food prices continue to escalate. Border wars are inevitable.

Increasingly disruptive weather events such as mega-storms, wet seasons and catastrophic snowfall in winters because of the atmosphere’s enhanced capacity to hold moisture can be expected to render much of the US East Coast, North-western Europe and eastern China even less desirable. Heat waves in Russia and floods and snow storms in the US  Midwest and Canada will probably make food harvest from these agriculture exporting areas unreliable from year to year.

Political power will drift from the hands of the financial industry back in the direction of those controlling large agricultural and other resource based industries supported by military elites (sort of like a new feudalism). Migration across national boundaries will increase as people flee, climate, economic and social unrest with the resulting rise of even more nativist sentiment in opposition to the new immigrants. The real unknowns in all this is the impact of the increase in armed conflict that usually accompanies times of stress and the role and impact of control of the internet.

Modern representative governments are proving incapable of exerting effective control on the activities of the largest financial, industrial or religious corporations (Note: “A criminal is a person with predatory instincts who has not sufficient capital to form a corporation”. ~Howard Scott). They have won the battle for control of the resources and economy of the world. The public seems to have accepted the reality of a weakened national state, except in military or police matters. The concept of liberal democracy is withering.

The liberal democracy, increasingly unable to deal with the political power of the religious and industrial corporate elites will slowly succumb to the control of these elites and in most cases be replaced with a version of the type of corporate state espoused by some in the 1920s and 30’s as a solution to the collapse of the Royal order and the seeming inability of the constitutional democracies that replaced them to deal with the social and economic catastrophes that broke upon them following WWI.

  1. TonyTruax permalink

    Food has always been scarce, some countries in African can even grow food anymore because of the degrading soil. Lets see first if we can make it after 2012. Your blog is very interesting and you write very well. Keep at it!

  2. rogerthesurf permalink

    Do you know how soon will it be before we are fully effected by the 7 meter sea level rise caused by the melting of the Greenland ice cap then?



    • There are differing reputable estimates as to the extent and rate of sea-level rise and for the first meter or so there are proven engineering solutions offering protection for low lying property that will please some political leaders and the bond community. I think however, that unless the rate of sea-level rise quickens dramatically it will be some of the other impacts of global warming (such as local climate changes and increasing occurrence of natural disasters) as well as diminishing resources (drinking water for one), increasing urbanizationthat and uneven but continued population growth that will will wreck hacock on our society and threaten our survival.

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