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I Am Shocked

May 9, 2011

I was preparing to write a Diary on another subject when I was startled to receive a number of emails from several conservative friends and acquaintances of mine regarding the real story behind President Obama’s role in the death of Osama bin Laden, along with their analysis and additional “insider” information about what went on in the White House. They even forwarded to me the link to what they consider a well-respected wing-nut blog (Here) that reveals much of what I discuss below.

From what I was able to gather from this wealth of hyperventilating concern was the following:

Apparently it was actually George W. Bush that killed Osama Bin Laden.

At the White House CIA Director and Secretary of Defense designate Leon Panetta had to physically restrain a fearful and trembling President Obama from fleeing the White House in terror when he learned that bin Laden may still be alive and living in a luxury condo in Pakistan.

Dick (Water-boarding is not torture) Cheney and Donald (We did not use it anyway) Rumsfeld had to be called back to Washington to take control of the situation.

Meanwhile the heroic George W. Bush donned the same flight suit that he wore when he went AWOL during the Vietnam  War and personally led the Seals in the attack on the bin Laden compound. It was actually W. who bravely pulled the trigger of the gun held by one of the Seals that fired the bullet that killed bin Laden.

The White House has refused to release the photos of the smiling ex-president standing over the bloody bullet riddled body of the slain terrorist holding up a sign saying, “Mission Finally Accomplished by ME,” claiming they were too gruesome and may bring down upon the US negative international criticism.

Our insider in the White House, however, stated he distinctly heard Mrs. Obama whispering to the dog, that, in fact, he refused to release the photographs because he wanted to take credit himself to bolster his failing chances to win reelection in 2012.

Following this, Mr. Bush declined to attend a ceremony with President Obama at ground zero honoring those who died there, asserting that he had previously acquired the rights to use the site for political purposes. He also complained, “They refused to give me a bullhorn this time.”

Shortly after the announcement of bin Laden’s demise Mrs. Obama was seen dressed in a black burka wandering in the White House Rose Garden. Our insider assured us that she was heard to have told associates that she was  mourning the great leaders death.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi who a few years ago defamed all patriotic Americans by claiming the brilliantly planned and executed attack on bin Laden at Tora Bora was poorly handled and that it was “too late” to get bin Laden  to prevent the deaths of civilian and American military personnel that had occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan. She now shows her true political colors by congratulating Obama for his success.

It should be pointed out the Tora Bora was a brilliantly executed tactical operation and only failed because Bill Ayers, that convicted traitor, gave aid and comfort to America’s enemies.

I am convinced that all this must be true. I cannot believe that anyone would use the internet to spread untruths, certainly not one something as important to all Americans.

Frankly I am shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that our President would stoop so low. I am ashamed for myself and all fair-minded liberals.

I had much more to write, but I am far too distraught to do so. I think I will get a beer and watch some reruns on TV.

(See also Daily Kos for original version of this post.)

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