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Kings and Things

May 21, 2012
King and Ace of Hearts by V&A Steamworks

King and Ace of Hearts by V&A Steamworks (Photo credit: V&A Steamworks)

Here in Thailand where I spend part of the year they have a King. I like the King. As Kings go he is great. Most people here love their King. Many of the country’s leaders claim they love the King and are willing to root out anyone they believe does not love him as much as they claim they do.

The problem is that the King believes things like the environment should be protected, poverty eliminated, aid for individual subsistence farmers, protection of the flood plains to diminish the scourge of floods and things like that. He spends a lot of his time going around the country doing those things that he says should be done to better the kingdom and the lives of the people.

Those who claim to love the King the most, love him so much so that they are willing to imprison or even kill people they believe do not love the King as much as they do. I have seen these people all dressed up in their white uniforms whenever there is a televised function for the King that.

The problem is, although these people love the King a lot, they do not love much of anything he tells them that they should do for the good of the kingdom. In fact, other people in the kingdom who believe what the King tells them and try to do those things he advises are often hunted down by the white uniformed lovers of the King and accused of disrespecting the King.

Now why is that?

In the US we have a similar situation regarding the good gay messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Many people say they love Him very much.

The problem is Jesus went on and on about things like helping the unfortunate, forgiveness, healing the sick and things like that. He liked women and hung out with them a lot. He did not think they should be punished if they happened to have done things other people did not like, even if it had to do with sex. He even often had a handsome man around him who he called his beloved and they would lay their heads on each others breast. He also said that unbelievers could be better in God’s eyes than believers if they behave kindly toward others. Jesus hated those who used religion to benefit themselves financially. He preached that it is the good things you do, not what you believe that matters to God.

Unfortunately, many of those who claim they love Jesus a lot, also believe that those who like what Jesus said they should do like oh, feed the poor, actually hate Jesus.

This seems like a common situation among men. They claim to love someone for no discernible reason but despise what the object of their adoration tells them to do whenever it benefits someone other than themselves.

Yes, this sounds like another screed about conservatives. And yes conservatives tend to behave like this in Thailand, back in Jesus time and even in the US and elsewhere today. And yes, their leaders are often the society’s rich and powerful.

But liberals have their own problems. Liberals seem to often fall in love with a messiah whose words they agree with. If Jesus were alive today liberals probably would urge Him to run for office. And if He succeeded in getting elected, they would all go home and happily wait for their Messiah to perform His miracles and make everything like they think it should be. When that does not happen, they will become disappointed and would probably go to Him and complain. He would point out that He said that the miracles could happen only if they all changed their ways together and worked at it along with Him. The liberals would not like that and go home. This then would allow those who loved Jesus but not what He told them they should be doing to come in and toss Him into the garbage or worse.

In fact, that was what happened during Jesus time. The liberals, known then as the Apostles and Disciples, urged him to run for King, then when the shit hit the fan they all ran and hid. They only came out again after things quieted down.

(Note: Everything written above applies to Men only. Remember, the women did not run and hide. They bravely appeared at the crucifixion and at the tomb despite the danger [and, if I recall correctly, so did the beloved disciple]).


Quotes of the Day:

On Republicans

You must be a Republican if you believe that:

Public schools are an unnecessary government expense but prisons are not.

A minimum wage is a governmental intrusion in the private market but the oil depletion allowance for corporations to drill for oil off our coast is not.

Warrantless wiretapping of American citizens is constitutional, but a women’s right to choose is not.

Races exist but racism does not.

Torture is necessary for the defense of American freedom but the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures is not.

Providing affordable healthcare for children and all Americans is a governmental interference with the private market but subsidies to defense contractors are not.

Environmental regulation diminishes our freedom, but racial profiling does not.

The earned income tax credit that rewards the lowest wage earners in the nation is an unwarranted redistribution of income, but lowering the capital gains credit on unearned investment income is not.

The illegal alien who risked everything to better himself economically by coming to america is a criminal, but the bankers and investors on wall street that gambled away your pension funds and put your jobs at risk are not.

That your ancestors who arrived in America before exclusionary immigration laws were passed were welcome contributors to the American nation, but those arriving after those laws were passed are not.

The Constitution of the United States created a Christian Nation but the First Amendment was a mistake.

God wrote Leviticus but Jesus did not preach the Sermon on the Mount.

The Second Amendment is the most important right in the Bill of Rights, but that the First Amendment is a mistake.

Bullies are manly but peacemakers are not.

Commentators like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glen Beck are intelligent observers of American life and that…everyone else is wrong.

Trenz Pruca

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