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The Wandering Uterus

May 29, 2012
Detail of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sa...

Detail of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio, 1509, showing Plato (left) and Aristotle (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, I read a post in Daily Kos that examined the age-old problem of the “Wandering Uterus.”

Apparently, almost 2500 years ago Plato decided to interrupt his speculations on ideal truths such as what is freedom and address  more practical and pressing question of importance to the Classical Greek male; “What do women want” or more importantly from Plato’s obsession with basic concepts; “Why.” After contemplating the problem as only Plato could, he concluded that the answer could only be the “Uterus.”

Plato believed the uterus was a living being unto itself .  As the Daily Kos post explained Plato described the uterus as,

“a kind of wild animal inhabiting a woman’s body, on an endless quest to make itself pregnant. If the uterus was “neglected” by the over-stimulation of other less important female organs (i.e., the brain) it would detach itself from the pelvic cavity and go on a meandering journey throughout the body, wreaking all kinds of havoc along its way. Eventually, its journey would end in the brain where it would sit and greedily sponge up all of the blood-flow. By thus blocking the circulation, the brain would then atrophy, which in turn resulted in the strange neurological symptoms of hysteria; the fainting spells, the convulsions, and the trance-like alterations of consciousness. Every ailment afflicting women could, therefore, be attributed to a single underlying cause, a displaced uterus.”

In the Nineteenth Century, in an effort to discourage the wandering uterus, the male medical establishment at the time came up with something intended to calm women down and reduce their hysteria called “pelvic massage” and created a whole new industry and profession, the “Pelvic Massage Therapist.”

Alas, private enterprise, ever seeking to lower or eliminate labor costs and thereby increase profits, soon developed something that is now commonly referred to as a “vibrator” causing hundreds of “therapists” to find another field of work.

Now you know the rest of the story.

It should be noted that after at least 10,000 years of treating women as not much more than domesticated animals, men the physically stronger [or at least more senselessly violent] but much less intelligent gender, ironically presented women with the means of emancipation from the only thing that men thought they needed a women for [other than cooking their food and washing their underwear].

Don’t you think that Historians should consider the current era as the beginning of “The Age of the Revenge of the Vagina?”

Today’s quote:

“For at least 10,000 years or so virtually every political system, economic system and religion has been designed by men for men. There is no natural or divine law that requires any of these structures to be designed in the way that they have been. During those same 10,000 years, every justification of those structures has been developed by men to benefit men.”

Trenz Pruca

See also here for other posts on the subject of the subjugation of women.

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