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Meet the Man the Republican Party Wants to Run your Country:

June 20, 2012

Sheldon Adelson

This is the man the modern Republican Party proposes to run your country. I guess a rich casino owning mob guy from Vegas and Communist Macao who implied his primary loyalty is to a foreign country is who they have been looking for all along.

He also is the type of patriot modern Republican’s seem to like. Like Bush and Cheney justifying their refusal to assume the same risks of war they unhesitatingly demanded of young Americans a few decades later, Adelson scornfully regretted his own service in American uniform.

For all those American’s who proudly wore the uniform and fought for our nation and our freedom the Republican party has sold you to someone who thinks you are all jerks.

He also claims that he would prefer that his children serve in the Israeli army to the American one, and “All we care about is being good citizens of Israel.”

Under normal circumstances someone who claims allegiance to another country might be considered a traitor, but apparantly not if he is a wealthy contributor to the modern Republican Party.

In an interview in Forbes magazine he said he was,“against very wealthy ­people attempting to or influencing elections. But as long as it’s doable I’m going to do it.” How’s that as an example of someone who stands by his beliefs? If he said something like, “I am against stealing, but as long as it is doable I am going to do it,” would it really be much different? Oh yes, stealing is illegal, “Well then I am going to put my money to work making sure the stealing I want to do is legal. Everyone is doing it, why shouldn’t I?”

He originally was a Democrat but became a Republican as his wealth grew. “Why is it fair that I should be paying a higher percentage of taxes than anyone else?” There’s a good example of situational ethics for you. Once you’re rich forget where you came from. (By the way he was educated at public expense.)

Oh, he is willing to give his money to support a foreign country, but is opposed to paying additional taxes to support the country of which he is allegedly a citizen.

Finally he makes most of his money in China, a Communist country, yet he fears socialism and unions here. He has not pledged $100 million to defeat Chinese Communism. Why not?

In the Forbes article he also states “… I know that guys like Soros have been doing it (contributing to political campaign) for years, if not decades,” in an effort to justify his activities.

Although the influence of money on politics is abhorrent  difference between Soros and and Adelson is that little if anything Soros did was for his personal financial benefit. Adelson himself has made no bones about it being all about himself.

This moral blindness that ignores intention in favor of generalizing about a general action can be traced to Milton Friedman who a few decades ago in an interview on television conflated assisting some one injured on the sidewalk and needing help with misleading ones customers as to the impact of their products on their health. They are both evidence of greed he argued, the good Samaritan gets a benefit in feeling good and the robber baron gets to make money they both are greedy. Not only did he throw out 7000 years of moral development he dishonestly ignored that intention and effect have a significance.

Adelson like Friedman exhibit all the moral rectitude of the cassino card-thieves they appear to be.

Adelson sense of morality is the functional equivalent of child pornography. It ought to be banned.

Nevertheless the Republican Party still wants you to overlook all this and welcome him into running our country.

Oh, did I forget someone with the unlikely name of Mitt who may have something to do with running the country? I thought Mitt has been very clear about this, “he who pays calls the shots.”

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