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Capital Punishment in America: One State’s Experience.

July 3, 2012

Murder………1 (Native American)

1700-1799……. 16
Native American…….7 (2 woman)
White…………………4 (2 Women)
Rape………..2 (Both Black)

Rape…………3 (All Black)
Native American….2

1881=1960…….78 (all murder)

This supplies a snapshot of America’s racial, ethnic and other obsessions since European colonization. Although it is only one state, I would guess that except for some changes in ethnic composition (e.g. Mexicans in California, American Indians in the upper Mid-west and so on) it provides a fair representation of our national psyche, newcomers or outsiders especially if they were poorer and darker were feared [Indians were looked on as newcomers in that they were new to the vast migrations from Northern Europe and blacks always have been outsiders.]

In a somewhat more positive note since 1800 more white Americans (almost all from the lowest classes) were executed than darker ‘foreign’ (including indians, Southern Europeans, Mexicans and blacks) people. Perhaps this could lead one to the conclusion that we Americans are more willing to kill and demean those who are poorer than we are than for racial, gender or ethnic reasons [and Americans we are, once our particular group passes through the ordeal of greater or lesser discrimination and humiliation imposed upon us by our adopted homeland as Italians did in the 60’s, blacks and Mexicans in increasing numbers are beginning to do today and indians, well, although they are mostly dead, their remnants may also be beginning that long climb to respectability where they can look down on those now just beginning their climb for reminding them from where they came and hating them for fear that the ambitions of this next group threatens their precarious and newly won grasp on respectability.]

Note: It seems the legalized killing in general increased somewhat faster than population.

Now for a sardonic bit of analysis of executions in Connecticut From 1600 to 2000, with Conclusions.

From 1600 to 1699 12 people were executed in the then colony of Connecticut of which 4 were for sodomy, 7 (Women) for witchcraft and one Native American for Murder.

Conclusions: Only Native Americans committed murders, white males were too busy buggering each other and woman too occupied casting spells (maybe just to get some of the men to show an interest in them. Then again probably not.)

From 1700 to 1799 there were 16 executions of which 7 were of Native Americans (including two women) for murder . Two white women along with two white men were also executed for murder. Two men both black, were put to death for rape. One man was executed for robbery and two for treason.

Conclusions: After being prevented from casting spells, women went on a killing spree; Native Americans continued to exhibit a greater tendency to violence then white men and; it suddenly became obvious to white males that black men were obsessed with white women and would soon be sleeping with their wives or daughters if not stopped. Males learned to hide in the closet.

From 1800 to 1880 there were an additional 19 executions of which three were for rape all by black men. Two Native Americans were executed for murder. No women were executed during this period.

Conclusions: White men do not rape, women learned their lesson and for some reason there appeared to be fewer Native Americans around to kill.

From 1881 until 1999 there were 78 executions in the State of Connecticut of which 25 were of Italian men ( someone named (surprise!) August Petrillo was one of them), 3 were black men and two were Asian. There were no executions for rape. No women were executed during this time.

Conclusions: Since there were no Native Americans left, Italians stepped up to fill the “violent savages” role; women continued on good behavior, and; blacks prevented from sleeping with white women went on a killing spree. And as for the two Asians, it is uncertain if this is the beginning of a trend or just an anomaly.

Finally, the Petrillo clan (Alas the author’s surname) clearly are violent, anti-social and a danger to society. They must be suppressed.

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