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Climate Change Debate Changes:

February 4, 2015

I do not know if others have noticed but there seems to be a shift in focus among climate change deniers. Many of them no longer deny the existence of rapid world-wide climate and its associated global warming. Instead they now argue that even though climate change exists it is either not caused by humans or it really is not all that serious. As for it not being human caused, I suspect that this will be a short-term political objection. Once one accepts that climate is changing and world temperatures are escalating there is very few “natural” causes to blame that can stand up to scientific scrutiny —Vulcanism? Variable solar output? These have already been dismissed as scientifically untenable except by the most deranged deniers. So, that leaves the argument that it is not very bad and may even be a good thing — so lie back and enjoy it. Be prepared for an avalanche of articles, blogs and television punditry cherry picking obscure and usually non-peer-reviewed data that they claim “prove” that the seas will rise only a little bit and would never top your sea wall; that the minuscule temperature rises promise a world of eternal springtime; and, the hoards of people fleeing the desertification of their homelands and are simply lazy and who if they just scratched the soil a little harder and used more pesticides and fertilizer would soon enjoy bountiful harvests and economic contentment.


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