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Righteous Indignation

February 24, 2015

Sometimes I post on Facebook items I write here or in one of my other blogs. In response to a repost of a report of a report on a massacre of Native Americans by US troops in the nineteenth century, Pete Xander responded with what he considers one of the longest Facebook comments ever.

“I don’t supposed it occurred to anyone in the Bush Administration in the days before the 9/11 attacks, when the chatter was going haywire and an attack on the U. S. was imminent, that Jesus was born on 9/11? The Muslim world knows it; the Bible says it (although it requires some knowledge as well as counting) in Luke Chapter 6.

“That knowledge would have at least given us the day of the attack, and it would have been nice if people in the FBI and CIA had shared info with each other, even though doing so could get them fired [of all things]. Richard Clarke told the Bushies again and again that bin Laden was gonna do it, and there were even reports that using hijacked planes would result in the most bang for their terrorist buck.

“We have no business being in the Arabic world. Well, let me qualify that: We have too many businesses in the Arabic world. America needs another Manhattan Project, only this one will be anything BUT secretive. We need to go on a crash course of being as close to 100% renewable energy as possible by 2030. The money we waste on subsidizing the oil industry — yeah! We actually GIVE several billion dollars a year to subsidize the oil industry . . . as if making $40 B in a quarter isn’t enough.

“We need to tax those motherfuckers, and we need to insist that ALL businesses pay every penny of their required corporate tax. In fact, 83 of the top 100 corporations in America paid NO tax or even received tax REFUNDS in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. We need to raise the tax on the wealthy, and we need to remove the cap on paying Social Security taxes. Just these measure alone would more than cover the costs of going solar. And by going solar, I mean EVERYBODY, as well as ALL small businesses (say, less than 50 or 100 employees), gets it FOR FREE. Every home, every small business would receive free energy.

“Do you know what that alone would do for our economy? There would be hundreds of billions of dollars available every year for people to buy American products; small businesses could expand their operations and hire more employees; Social Security would be solvent forever; we could expand Medicare and have IT as the single-payer health insurance program; and all of the millions of laborers required to install and maintain would create so many jobs that the unemployment rate would plummet.

“Furthermore, there would be jobs created to manufacture the solar panels; there would be billions available for R&D to create ever more efficient panels and systems; there would be jobs created to transport and deliver the systems; and adding the millions of jobs that would be created by installation and maintenance, there would be tens of millions of jobs created and maintained. As a sop to the GOP, the jobs would be held by American citizens only; but those jobs would be union jobs.

“With all of the money pumping into our economy, there would also be more money for infrastructure repair, maintenance, and construction; there would be tens of billions for primary, secondary, and collegiate education; and best of all . . . . . . . . . we could tell the Arab world that they can go fuck themselves — we don’t need or want your oil and your bullshit. Those Arabian Peninsula oil emirates and fascist countries like Saudi Arabia, who supplied the people and the money for 9/11, would no longer be in our hair.

“Now, we could still protect Israel from any BS the surrounding countries might try — yeah, we could afford that too — and take out some of those jerks if they tried anything. We could open talks with Iran and tell them we don’t want to mess with them, either and that we love the Iranian people (and WTF, their awesome caviar too!) but we won’t tolerate any crap from them. And who knows, an election could bring down the ruling Ayatollahs who, let’s face it, are octogenarians and won’t be around much longer anyway. The Iranian people aren’t stupid. When they see the standard of living here on their sneaked in satellite systems, they are going to realize that they can have better lives too and can get rid of those jerks and their 8th Century beliefs.

“Can this all happen? Hell yes.”

I love righteous indignation and all my friends who suffer from it.


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