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Some Additional Thoughts on Climate Change:

January 8, 2016


Over the past two years in this and other venues,  I have suggested that the minor slowdown in the rate of increase of global air temperatures over the past decade was caused by the oceans absorbing that missing increase. I also thought that, beginning with this years el Nino,  excess heat will start to radiate back into the atmosphere thereby accelerating global warming for the next decade or so. About a year ago, scientists from the UK Met Office’s Hadley Center led by Dr. Chris Roberts of the Oceans and Cryosphere Group predicted in a new paper in Nature that such a warming phase is about to begin. The emergence of the current El Nino’s extreme  weather patterns seems to support both predictions.

I also have written that perhaps the predominant cause of the current turmoil in the Near East, exacerbated by the political incompetence of all involved, is the current climate change induced drought similar to the drought that generated the rise of Islam 1400 years ago (but much more rapid and severe today). The following graph appears to confirm it.

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