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What’s wrong with professional football today?:

October 28, 2016


Professional football viewership has begun to decrease sharply. There have been many theories proposed to account for this. I believe the real reason is evident by simply looking at the sidelines during a game. It used to be that the coaches who prowled along the sidelines had that lean and hungry look, like Bill Walsh and Tom Landry. Now when one looks at those same sidelines it seems as though the coaches are auditioning for the role of Santa Claus in a Christmas pageant. It an activity where the participants are expected to maintain a regime of rigorous self-improvement how can one expect from them high performance when their mentors are advertisements for self-indulgence?

  1. Mike Burke permalink

    Fat coaches are hurting football? John Madden. Bum Phillips. Art Shell. What a dumb theory. People care about the quality of the game, which is as good as ever (barring a complete implosion brought on by poorly-designed rules). Why not throw in the color of the uniforms, or the quality of the mascot? Bad teams lose games and lose some of their followers. Good teams don’t.


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