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A Counter-attack in the War against Women.,

March 31, 2017


For the past 100 years,  around the world women have made great strides in pushing through the economic and social barriers that have shackled them for millennia. Along the way, setbacks occurred. About 30 years ago, in the MiddleEast, the drying up of the region and the depredations of unfettered greed destroyed grasslands many families depended upon driving young men to find work in nearby communities. Finding none, unfortunately,  some flocked to an ideology that, as one of its principle tenets, required the re-subjugation of women. That particular element of ideology has since then found fertile ground among the unemployed and underemployed males around the world.

Recently, within the past three years or so, that recidivism seems to have penetrated many countries even some of the world’s most prosperous and liberal democracies. Even more disturbing, it has prompted a world wide assault on women with power.  Just take a look:

In Brazil, there a right wing coup replaced the female president and in Argentina, a liberal woman president was driven from office.

In Southeast Asia, in Thailand a military coup deposed the woman serving as prime minister and in the Philippines, the female democratic Head of Government was replaced with a decidedly autocratic male thug.

In Germany, Angela Merkel’s reign is threatened.

In America, the 2016 presidential election pitted a misogynist racist against the first woman to run for the Presidency as a candidate of a major party.  In the election, the misogynist racist, running on a platform that included a commitment to roll back many of the advances women have made over the past century, attracted enough of the nation’s predominately economically disgruntled male voters to support his candidacy with sufficient missionary zeal to eke out a victory in the election despite losing the popular vote by a substantial margin.

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  1. Excuse me. But how does unemployment lead men to believe that they should subjugate women? Also, you can add what’s going on with the female president in South Korea to your list.

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