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Trenz Pruca’s Observations: The Silk Routes.

July 20, 2018


The cradle of civilization lies not on the banks of any river or ocean but on the banks of the ancient so-called Silk Routes. For over two millennia the Silk Routes crossed the central Asian expanse along which flowed the worlds riches and nourished the great centers of civilization. The maritime trade routes across the Mediterranean were a lusty but modest imitation but the maritime trade routes along the Indian Ocean were exceptionally vigorous. Europe was an economic, political and technological backwater. Along those trade routes, some of the most prosperous and culturally advanced cities and empires that had ever existed grew and astounded the rest of the world.

Then suddenly in the Fifteenth Century along the east and west coasts of the immense Eurasian landmass, the beginnings of a vast nautical revolution was born with the discovery of new continents and a water route between Western Europe and the Far East, The  nations of the East ultimately turned their back on its promise but in the West, these prodigious oceanic trade routes grew to create new great commercial centers. The efficiency of this oceangoing trade was so much greater than the land-based Silk Routes that the magnificent cities and civilizations that had grown up along it shriveled up and died.

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