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An Ethical Focus.

October 21, 2018


While rummaging through the detritus of saved documents in my computer’s memory, I came across the following. I do not know when it was written or by who, but I thought I would share it here because it seems to be an eminently reasonable and ethical way to conduct one’s life.



Today’s Needs

Give me:
Shelter from the Elements
Food for Mind and Body
Love of Family and Friends


Today’s Goals

Let me:
Bring Peace where there is Strife
Be Gentle and Courteous.
Grieve for the Misfortunes of Others
Be Compassionate and Charitable.
Be Patient.
Do no harm.
Ask Forgiveness of those I have Harmed.
Forgive those who have harmed me.
Avoid Damage to the Circle of Life.
Restore where I can what has been Damaged or Harmed.
Help those who Need it
Not Disparage Others.
Be Steadfast in the Face of Criticism for Doing Right.
Be Kind to those who Disagree with me.
Be Humble whenever I may be Exalted.


Above all,

be fair to everyone.

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