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Let’s face it, the United States and the West, in general, lost the Fourth World War or what can be called the First Cyber War.

February 26, 2019


The Third World War,(also known as the Cold War, although there was nothing cold about it) waged primarily between the Russian-Soviet Empire and the American Empire, ended in 1989 in a victory by the American Empire. The war conducted primarily through proxy campaigns (Korea and Viet Nam for America and Afghanistan for the Soviet Union) and by feverish competition between the empires to amass more and more expensive and technically advanced armaments that would be rarely ever used except for a small percentage in the proxy campaigns ended the Soviet hegemony over Eastern Europe and Central Asia.. In effect, the war was an economic competition to see who could produce the most weapons of war without suffering an economic collapse.

About twenty years later Instead of attempting to engage the American Empire in another war of military hardware show and tell, Vladimir Putin the Russian President and chief Oligarch decided to do what he knew best to undermine the American power. That was to split the western democratic alliance apart by resorting to clandestine cyber warfare..

After forays into destabilizing the European democracies by overt and subversive support for the nationalistic opposition to the more internationalist leaning parties leading them, he then found his metier by assisting in the successful Brexit vote to split England from the European Union, a long time Russian goal.

He found gold, however, by launching a cyber attack on the US during the 2016 Presidential election campaign in support of a candidate who was either a willing idiot or a suborned asset. His candidate won and proceeded to alter 100 years of American policy in favor of the international objectives of the Russian Oligarchs.

Since then, America’s role on the international stage has shrunk considerably as it abandoned its traditional allies and stands idly by while Fascist regimes steadily gobble up the world’s democracies.

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