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Wake Up America: Charlottesville, the American Kristallnacht.

September 1, 2017


The title of this post may appear over broad. I am sure some people will be happy to point out the many differences between the two events. But, look at it this way:

We have a group of heavily armed men attacking mostly innocent civilians. In this case breaking bodies instead of glass, but the message is all too similar. The response of progressives or right thinking citizens and social media express shock and outrage but also urge calm. Meanwhile, the evil buffoon heading the nation at first supports the thugs and then realizing they may be becoming politically dangerous and not under control issues a tepid criticism of them.

Imagine then — what if the Nation’s leader and his cronies create an anti-terrorism entity to subdue these Alt-right terrorists and all other groups or individuals they or the entity decides are terrorists? Sounds Familiar doesn’t it? Did that not happen not too long after Kristallnacht with the suppression of Brown Shirts and their replacement with the SS. Could it happen here in America? No, well think again.

Just a few weeks after Charlottesville, the Leader of the Nation reversed an order of the prior President and permitted the release the Nation’s stockpile of military hardware to local police departments in order combat terrorism.

Meanwhile, the Progressives and others will probably still call for a reasoned careful response that will not place their supporters in harm’s way, or to wait for the hoped for return of the rule of law and reason.

This is madness. Shouldn’t we now rather think about what the German Progressives, liberals and people of good sense the very morning following Kristallnacht could have done to prevent the catastrophe that ultimately occurred?

Like then, this is no time for tepid hopes and half steps. Like it or not, the war has already begun and we either confront it now or we certainly will suffer its consequences later.

Fascism and the politics of hate have no place in any just society. It is time for Americans to throw back at these evil gangsters their own slogan and say, “No more, Not in our Country and Not on our Soil.” It is time to act massively. And if it comes to millions of citizens surrounding the White House and dragging these criminals out by their heels so be it.

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