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Poorly Educated White Men: The Death of an American Original.

September 13, 2018


Poorly educated white males are the first large socioeconomic group in America less educated and expected to do less well economically than their parents. I even have heard of recent studies that indicate that they will not live as long as their parents as well. Whether this last fact is a sad truth or this group is serving as the canary in the cage for society as a whole, I cannot guess

I feel sad for these men; deluded by their history of ascendency over women of their class and other minorities, lied to by their political and religious leaders and misused by their employers, they have been misled to believe their ever so slight social standing was theirs by right and not earned by effort.

In 2016 Presidential election they marched to the polls and elected someone who promised them he would tear down every government program that they believed encouraged those who threatened their tenuous social standing. In return, they, perhaps unknowingly, agreed to cede control of the nation and the economy to those who would abandon them at the slightest evidence it would be to their advantage. In return for these meager benefits and support for the psychological comfort of meaningless symbols and rituals such and flags and songs that they cling to as evidence of some misbegotten reality, they were willing to give up much of their freedom.  True, they now would be free from the competition of those they believed their inferiors who were being given unfair advantages. In return, they seem to accept enslavement by those they were sure were their betters.


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